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Why is Nutrition so Important ?
Just in case you haven't heard this phrase enough here it is one more time.

You Are What You Eat
It is worth being mentioned over and over again because it is so true.  Please don't take it literally. 
If you eat a lot of broccoli you are not going to turn green.  The phrase would be more accurate if it said...

If you Eat Healthy, you Will be Healthy
Healthy, natural foods should be the base of your diet and nutrition program.  The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates probably said it best when was quoted,

"Let Food be Your Medicine and Medicine be Your Food"

You probably feel you've been bombarded with enough motivational quotes, phrases and acronyms by now so let's get to business.  Diet and nutrition are synonymous.  Everything you eat and drink to nourish your body is part of your nutrition.

Unfortunately, when people usually refer to diet, they refer to a short term change in their eating & drinking habits to obtain a specific goal.  Nutrition is usually referred to as your eating and drinking lifestyle habits.

 In Order to Live a Healthy and Fit, Disease Free Lifestyle, Nutrition is Very Important

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